Erik Erikson’s Stages of Social Development

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April 11, 2013 by sarahmortonisp

Erik Erikson's Stages of Social Development

Erik Erikson formed a theory of social development comprised of 8 unconscious stages, each of which is formed in a specific period of time and, in a sense, fossilized within us. These stages are easiest to understand as either you form a healthy trait, or you suffer an unhealthy trait for the rest of your life. Erikson asserted that the first stage, Trust vs. Mistrust, is the most important. He also acknowledged that during the Identity vs. Role Confusion stage humans find peer influence crucial.
As an example of the (blank) vs. (blank), with trust vs. mistrust it would go something like: either you form a basic trust of all people in the first 2 years of your life because of nurture and consistency; or you form a basic mistrust of everyone for the rest of your life. Etc.


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